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Opening your heart and home to our Japanese student allows you to have
a life-changing experience in your own home as return.

The students are looking to experience a friendly Australian family atmosphere with you, not just a simple room. 

Why Host  Japanese Students with OKC? 

More than 2,300 exchange students each year come to Australia on the OKC programs to study and live with host families.

Japanese students choose to stay in a family home instead of a student residence because they want to be immersed in Australian culture and to improve their English speaking ability by mixing and interacting with the family they are staying with.
OKC Australia comprise of Professional Homestay Coordinators with fluent English and Japanese speakers.

What you provide

What you receive

Expand your understanding of Japan and its people

Opportunity to experience Japanese culture in your own home.

Make life-long friendships

Lasting memories and ongoing relationship between the student and you, the host family.

New experience for you and your family

Participate in cultural exchange including the opportunity for children to be exposed to different cultures.

Extra income for your services

Stipend per student to help offset expenses each fortnight

There are three simple steps to become an OKC host Family!

1. Register

You can access to registration form here.

2. House Inspection

Homestay coordinator will get in touch with you to arrange most suitable date and time. (Inspections: 11AM - 5PM on weekdays)

3. Submit your WWCC/Blue Card

All host families are required to obtain a Working With Children Check (NSW) or a Blue Card (QLD) for anyone over the age of 18 in your home.

It's quick and easy to do! Should only take less than 3 minutes!

  • When will we get a student?
    It is impossible to predict when you will be matched with a student as we go through a screenig process to carefully make the best matches possible. After all, there is no way to know when a student who matches your profile will apply. There are certain peak times of year when we receive the greatest number of applications shown below. January - March/ August - September are popular months for short-term group tours of 2 – 6 weeks.
  • Can we host more than one student at a time?
    Yes, you can host more than one student at a time. The maximum students at a homestay is three including OKC students, but not from Japan as we want our students to develop their English-speaking skills.
  • What happens if we don't get along?
    In these instances, it is encouraged for the host and students to resolve and find a common ground, as most of them are based on simple misunderstandings. If both parties are still unable to resolve the matter, please contact OKC's homestay coordinators to assist in finding a solution as quickly as possible.
  • What if I MUST cancel?
    Cancellation is only accepted under exceptional circumstances, such as sudden illness. It will be unsettling for a student to have changes in their homestay arrangements before they arrive. In such short notice, we may need your help for a day or so, until we can find another host.
  • Do I get paid?
    Yes. Before the students arrive, guaranteed payment will be transferred by OKC through bank transfer. Depending on the student’s length of stay, the first payment will cover the first 2-week period and subsequent payments will be made every 2 weeks. The full amount will be transferred before the student’s arrival If the duration of stay is less than 2 weeks. Hosts should not take payments directly from student guests except Wi-Fi fee.
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